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In the following paragraphs are just the basics of how to care for a new puppy and some information that may save your puppies life in an emergency situation. I will also try to educate you to be observant so

you may meet the needs of even the tiniest of my little puppies.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when they purchase a new puppy is they immediately have to take it

visiting to show it off. NOT A GOOD IDEA !! Do Not Take your dog to a PET STORE. Take your puppy straight home

and try your very best to keep it there until it has adjusted to it's new surroundings and it's new parents. Don't do

anything that stresses the puppy out like going out shopping for new puppy clothes. You will have plenty of time

later. You can place a small stuffed toy with your puppy for a little company. Do not allow your puppy to have run of

the house. Your puppy should be placed in a small area /crate/playpen etc. He will not be able to find his food and

water if he goes out exploring a big room or house. Please remember these are very small puppies and even a small

room to us is a huge place for them. If you put your puppy alone in a room to "cry" himself to sleep. They may feel to

be in great harm. Make sure your puppy is comfortable and feels safe.

Going to the Vet

When going to the vet, please keep your puppy in a crate or in your lap when visiting the vets office. Do not let it

romp on the floor or furniture and most certainly do not allow it to socialize with other animals that also may be in the

office at the same time. Do not let others handle or pet your puppy. Their hands may carry germs that will cause your

puppy to become sick. Where do all people take sick dogs? To the vet! Where is the best place to pick up germs or

contract disease? Naturally, it's where everyone takes sick dogs. TO THE VET!!

Your puppy will already have its first series of puppy shots when you receive it. Make sure that you complete the

proper series of puppy shots as this could save your puppies life. If the vet you choose says your puppy will have to

be started over on its shots already given run out the door! It is vital that you do not overload your little Chihuahuas

immune system. This can cause just as many problems as not receiving any puppy shots. Make sure you take your

new puppy to someone you feel comfortable with. Make sure that you do not do more than one treatment in a visit. If

you puppy needs a worm treatment ask to take it home and give a couple days after the vaccination was given. Also

when your puppy is old enough for its rabies shot make sure that is the only shot it is receiving that day. The puppy

series that your vet will give will protect it from catching several different viruses. Make sure that vaccination for your

Chihuahua does not contain protection against leptospirosis. This vaccination has been known to have adverse

reactions when given to Chihuahuas. Discuss this with your vet to see if leptospirosis is something your Chihuahua

has to be concerned with catching in your area. Always remember to tell them when taking your Chihuahua in for its

shots that you do not want it to include "lepto".It could be fatal to your Chihuahua.


You should keep the puppy on

the same food that was provided for you so that you don't stress the puppy any more that necessary. If you decide

that you do not want to continue the puppy on the same food you must slowly introduce the new food. Mix a little of

the new food in with the food the puppy is already eating. You can add a little more of the new food and a little less of

the old food each day. This should be done over a 10 day period until the puppy is completely on the new food only.

Don't change the puppy's diet or eating routine too abruptly. The smaller a puppy the more times a day it has to be

fed. I leave dry food out for my puppies at all times (until they can go several hours with out eating). You have to

remember that because of their small stomachs they have to eat more often to sustain themselves. Never confine the

puppy for any length of time with no food or water. This means during the night also. Puppies have to eat and drink

during the night time hours just to sustain themselves. Make sure to confine them in an area that has enough room

for a bed, food, water and some paper down so they can relieve themselves. Until they are older they will not be able

to go very long without eating, drinking and going to the potty. I have provided access to dry food at all times for this

puppy, so that is what it is use to. It has been weaned from mom for several weeks and is eating dry food with no

problems. It is very important to make sure the puppy is eating once you get it home. Do not be concerned with your

puppy eating the same kind of food everyday. You should decide on a good puppy food and keep it on it. When you

offer different kinds of food all the time ?trying to find one he likes? you are actually creating a picky eater. The food I

sent home with your new puppy is a good puppy food. It is a great food and all of my Chihuahuas love it. You can

change to adult small bites as your puppy becomes an adult.

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