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Miss Meme...

she is an absolutely stunning little girl...she is definitely a Mama's girl...but loves everyone...she is going to have some amazing little babies...

This Gorgeous little girl is

Miss Tati

She came to us from Russia she is a very playful and full of energy little lady but also very loving and full of personality

This Beautiful and very sweet girl is Miss Nova she is such a little cuddle bug

Miss Rhianna

She is such a love, she loves to cuddle and also love to play.

Miss Blossom

She is from Thailand she is such a beautiful girl

very sweet and loving 

This gorgeous girl is Miss Coco she is a beautiful Brindle

She is full of herself she loves to play and have a great time

Miss Athena

This little girl was born here to Meme and Bentley and her name should be trouble she is so spoiled she is always into something and when she is relaxing it is usually in the chair with my son 

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