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New Chihuahua Mommy.

I am so so happy that I was able to find Tina. My little princess is adorable! Tina has a very special place and is not just a breeder but a loving puppy mom! She is very kind and knowledgeable and she knows her babies, she offers advice and assistance whenever and wherever she can if you have questions or are like me and are a new chihuahua mommy. I would highly recommend visiting and I promise you won't leave without one of her babies. My little princess chose me, I had only seen her picture online but she snuggled my neck and that was it! she was mine. When you visit Tina's home you see how well kept and how well cared for the babies are.

They are well socialized and beautiful and healthy.

I can't say enough how happy I am I found her! I will definitely get my new addition from her when it's time.

Princess Pink Peanut Bucket's Mom.

Our family had just lost our older chihuahua that our youngest was extremely bonded with. Our daughter has extreme anxiety and we weren't sure what to do now. I knew we wanted an adult so they could snuggle like she used to. I found Lily's Chihuahuas and called Tina immediately. We explained our situation and asked if she had any with the personality we were looking for. Tina was fantastic and knew the perfect dog for us! We drove 10 hours round trip and I would have driven twice as far for this dog! Tina was 100% right with the dog she picked for our daughter. Miss Kiziah is the best dog I have ever had the privilege of owning. Kiziah is beyond sweet and socialized better than any small dog I've met! Not to mention gorgeous!! I would suggest Lily's Chihuahuas to anyone, well worth the drive! Tina was so nice to work with also. To the point that the day after we got Kiziah she sent my daughter all of kiziah's puppy pictures.

Thank you so much Tina!!

Kaitlyn Simpson

After much online research for Chihuahua breeders we found Lilys Chihuahuas and sooo glad we did. We chose 2 precious little girls. When they were ready for their new home we went to Tina's (from Ohio) to pick up and meet our adorable babies (Lucy & Zoey). While there we met a tiny little guy we couldn't resist, now our little Joey! So we have a full house as they joined our older pups and are all learning more about each other everyday.

Thank you again, we love them all!!

Robin & Jeff Carmack


I have wanted a chihuahua since I was a kid our family always had Pekingese dogs well months ago I decided I was getting a chihuahua I looked at a lot and found TINA AND GUS (Lily's Chihuahuas) in Sept 26,2017 I drove from OH 12hrs round trip and brought home my dream named her Angel I Knew I wanted more than 1,several weeks later I went back to Tina and Gus and got Angels sister and named her Reigna They are wonderful they just Love my 88yr old Dad and he Loves them their best buddy is my Pekingese puppy that turns a year old on Christmas Eve 2017,they have 4 Pekingese brothers Tina and Gus do a Great Job getting the puppies ready for their new homes, they are litter trained I hadn't thought of this before, it stuns people when I tell them this. If you are looking for adorable healthy well trained social puppies Call Tina from the Myers House (Ling,Ching, Jing Jin, BetyLing, Angel, Reigna )


I bought my little Izzy from you about nine months ago. You brought her to me in Holland MI. I just wanted you to know that she is doing great and everybody just loves her!! She is so happy and playful and affectionate!! I couldn't be happier with her!! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!!

We just adopted the most precious and sweet long haired chihuahua from Tina! I looked all over the United States for the best quality chihuahua and her dogs looked the best by far! Not only is ours adorable, she also has the best personality! Tina does a great job socializing the puppies. We're from Texas and never had to chance to see our puppy, Rosie, in person before purchasing her. Tina would send me pictures and videos of Rosie from the time she was born. I felt like I already new Rosie when we picked her up at around 12 weeks old. Tina made the whole process so easy and was an absolute delight to work with. We couldn't be happier with our new bundle of joy!!


Moa's family

We brought Moa home five days ago. Moa is doing great. Thank you Tina and your family for doing such a great job with all of your Chihuahuas. Moa is sociable, he adjusts to his new environment well and he is a happy chihuahua. Prior to having Moa, I had weeks of research on Chihuahua and Chihuahua breeders. Our experience working with Tina and her husband proven to be exceptional. Tina has great knowledge of her dogs. I called/texted Tina many times and she answered every question I had efficiently and effectively. The package and the detail instruction Tina had provided for Moa when we picked him up was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Excellent person/excellent family to work with!! Thank you, Tina.

We got our baby boy "Bentley" November 11 2013! The first night he had a sugar drop due to not eating enough (we didn't know that at the time). Our vet took some blood that showed he may have a liver shunt! Our first call was to Tina. She was so helpful and did EVERYTHING she could to help. Tina offered to take Bentley back with her and do the testing. She and her husband drove 2 hours to my hometown to get Bentley. She cared for my baby for about a week. She also paid for the testing out of her own pocket. Almost everyday she sent videos and pictures to keep me updated. Thank god Bentley was totally healthy. She then drove an hour so we could get our pumpkin back. I can tell this isn't just a hobby for Tina, she truly loves these puppies! Because Tina & Bentley are so amazing the next day my in laws adopted Bentley's sister. They are the most loving and playful puppies. I would definitely recommend Lily's Chihuahua! I can't thank you enough, Tina! Your truly an angel <3


Extremely happy mommy

We got our little girl Laci back in February and are very satisfied. Tina is an exceptional breeder and really loves her puppies. Laci is just over 4 months old now and is a ball of energy, keeping everyone on their toes. Thank you again Tina and we'll definitely come back to you when it's time for Laci to get a playmate.

Brian Dickerson

One "very" satisfied customer

We are so very happy and pleased to say how delighted we all are. The little girl we have been looking for has been found right here from Tina. We purchased her for my Mom, which was very teary eyed when we placed her new lil baby in her lap. My mom named her Brimy, and gives me daily updates. She has been to the vet already, and of course everyone has fallen in love with her. She is a happy, healthy little girl and we all love her. Thank you Tina again for everything, you truly do have some beautiful babies. I will most definitely keep all your info for future lil beauties.

The Wojcik Family

Our Happy Mom

We got our little Bella on 3/29/13. She is our first puppy ever and Tina helped very much with the whole process. Bella is the cutest, sweetest, and most spunky puppy I've ever met in my life and is so well behaved. All of Tina's dogs are so adorable and friendly. So tiny! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a little chi friend! Thank you Tina so much for giving me such an amazing puppy!

Morgen Lindsay

Very happy customer/new mom

Thank you to Tina & her family for raising the most amazing chihuahua puppies we could have ever imagined. From the moment we saw Lily's Chihuahuas website we knew we'd found the most beautiful long haired chihuahuas EVER!!! We had never before purchased a puppy we had never met but Tina made the entire process seamless, skyping with us weekly, allowing us to see the puppies, ask questions & learn all about her philosophy of raising puppies, Tina was always accessible & open. She sent us videos of the puppies interacting with the rest of her gang regularly and answered all our emails promptly. The puppies were delivered to us with all their medical records, dog food, chi pillows (made by Tina - and they are amazing), etc. Our puppies are healthy, happy, well adjustted and get along with all our other dogs, both large & small. They are rock start puppies!! They are smart, cuddly & curious and are growing into fantastic adults. Lily's chihuahuas are #1!!

Robin Levine

Chihuahua Mom

We just adopted the most precious and sweet long haired chihuahua from Tina! I looked all over the United States for the best quality chihuahua and her dogs looked the best by far! Not only is ours adorable, she also has the best personality! Tina does a great job socializing the puppies. We're from Texas and never had to chance to see our puppy, Rosie, in person before purchasing her. Tina would send me pictures and videos of Rosie from the time she was born. I felt like I already new Rosie when we picked her up at around 12 weeks old. Tina made the whole process so easy and was an absolute delight to work with. We couldn't be happier with our new bundle of joy!! :)


After we have owned our little "Sable" Chihuahua for nearly a year now, I can truly say that Tina is a very caring, professional and diligent breeder. After getting to know her and to see the love and care she puts forth for her fur babies, I would have a hard time adopting a chi from anyone else. I know that I can trust the health and happiness of any puppy or adult dog I adopt from her. Not to mention that Tina really and truly does care for them, and takes measures to insure that. Sable has been a blessing to our family,including our min pin Axel. Sable encourages him to play and gets him out of being a couch potato. We all love our little Chi more than words can say. If you adopt a pup from Tina, you will be extremely happy! Kim Lincoln Ecstatic Chi Owner!

kim lincoln


I picked up our little girl from Tina a few weeks ago. She is the best and so is Tina. Tina said our baby was already litter trained and I found this hard to believe at only 12 weeks. After a few days at home she is totally puppy pad trained....I am in awe of Tina. Our little girl is very healthy and very socialized, plus a small furry bundle of energy. She is very smart and figures things out quickly. Whether it is figuring out the routine with the other dogs or the doggie steps. Now at 15 weeks, we had to reinforce our fencing for any gaps near the bottom because she is working on figuring out how the doggie door works! Like I said Tina and her dogs are the best and I am already planning on adopting a sister for our puppy in the near future.


We adopted Nina a few weeks ago, and have been so pleased! Tina had done a wonderful job socializing Nina before we picked her up. She is so happy, healthy, and playful! She also used the litter pan like an old pro when we got her home! While we waited for her to be mature enough to be adopted, Tina thoughtfully sent us pictures, gave us updates, and answered all our questions. The goody bag of toys, food, dishes, and even a dress to wear was such a nice surprise! Thank you, Tina, for preparing Nina so well for her life with us!


Nina's proud mommy

We had just lost our wonderful "Chopper" tragically, he was a chi also. I had been looking on line for awhile to find the best options. Came across tinas site and kept going back to it. My daughter came across it to and felt compelled to show me. It was so ironic that we both went back to tinas web page. The rest is history! We received the most wonderful puppy ever. She loves them all and takes superb care to insure that they are happy and healthy. They are socialized and well adjusted. Did I mention smart? Our other dog Axel who is a min pin, is so great with him, soon be best friends. :)

kim lincoln

Ecstatic Chi owner!

We are the proud parents of Bentley's sister Lexi. She is a bundle of joy and energy. She and our first dog Quigley have become the best of friends. And it is an added joy that Bentley and Lexi will grow up together as we spend a lot of time with our son and daughter-in-law. Tina, you are an amazing breeder. You obviously care very much for your "babies". We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a healthy puppy who has been well cared for.

Larry & Deborah

Happy Parents

I've had 'LoLo' for one week. She's adorable and tiny! The pup is amazingly comfortable with household noises and strangers. Thanks for doing a great job, Tina! LoLo stopped eating recently because her tummy was upset. Tina was genuinely concerned and gave me explicit instructions and emphasized taking her to the vet if she continued not to eat. She also asked me to call her back to see how LoLo was doing. A few hours later I called Tina and told the pup started eating again. She was relieved as if it were her own pup! She has been kind and accessible. It gives a sense of security knowing that someone with her experience cares. I would definitely get another pup from Tina!! Ken Pilon

Ken Pilon


Pico is our adorable new Chihuahua puppy (Pico is Spanish for 'little'). She is the most lovable apple-head, playful and has a excellent temperment. We looked at a number of Chihuahua breeders but were most impressed with this one particular breeder. We began searching online and Lily's Chihuahuas were just the most adorable puppies we found. When we contacted the Tina, she was extremely helpful and professional. Her knowledge and concern for her litters convinced us she was the person we wanted to purchase our puppy from.She was very accommodating to us, in the fact that, despite the distance between us she delivered our Pico to us in person. This further confirmed her concern that her puppies are going to a good and caring home. Our puppy was in excellent health and the Tina provided written contracts guaranteeing this fact and had details of all veterinary care already provided. She also, gave us a puppy care package which was most helpful and heartwarming, We could not be happier

Dan and Dawn March

We bought our little Toby From Tina in August 2012. We drove from NY to get our puppy. I appreciated when I got to her house all her dogs had their beds all over their home. It was obvious that her dogs were their pets also. They were clean, happy, and all healthy looking. I had many conversations with Tina before I bought Toby and she always answered any questiones I had. As a breeder, as well, I knew what I wanted in a Chihuahua and what kind of breeder I was looking for. In my conversations I had with her I appreciated how devoted she was to her dogs. She related to me how she try's to save all her puppies no matter how small they are. That showed me how much she loved her dogs, even the new borns Toby is a sweet little boy. He has a great personality. We have had no health problems with him. I would not hesitate to buy from Tina again. Thank you Tina


Jane's Paradise Puppies

WE got our first puppy from Tina, the friday before Labor Day. Zoey Rose, the sweetest little girl who loves everyone. Our older dog Tiny Bubbles also a Chihuahua will not have anything to do with her. Zoey was so lonely ,and we did not want to break her sweet spirit so we decided to get her a friend. We received our second baby girl the Friday after Thanksgiving. Abbey Joy. Zoey is very happy playing with Abbey, what one doesn't think of the other does. We went back to Tina,because she has happy, healthy puppies. Tina, is a very good breeder. I tell everyone about her puppies. They are such a joy to have. Thank You Tina. Happy puppies and owner Cheryl Bigelow

My family had been looking for the right puppy for many months and one day I came across Tina's web site and saw an ad for a little black baby boy. We are in Texas so when I realized that Tina was in Michigan I figured that I might as well forget it. I spoke with Tina several times and she stated that she did not ship her puppies but does have someone that will actually fly with them. Well, we got our little guy yesterday, hand delivered at the airport in Houston, Texas. He is absolutely beautiful. He was a little tired but by the time we got home he was waking up and started eating and playing with our other dog. I was reluctant at first when I thought about such a little dog flying from Michigan to Texas but Tina reassured me that the gentleman that brought him had done this many times before without incident. I really can't say enough about how happy we have been with the whole process. I highly recommend Tina. Her puppies are raised with love and it shows. Thanks Tina!!

Jill VanWoert

Very Satisfied Texas Mom

I have admired Tina's puppies for a couple of years. They are beautiful !! Finally I was able to make a decision (when Nala was one day old) before my choice was sold. Tina's puppies are everything you would want and then some !!! They sell very fast but when you receive your new baby you will understand why. Nala is a bundle of joy and in perfect health. I could not be more satisfied with my new baby. She will be getting a new sibling in the future from Tina .

Kim Bartulewicz

Nala's New Mom

We got our baby girl the friday before Labor Day. Shes been with us 5 days an she has taken over our hearts,an shes working on the household. Tina, has raised a beautful, healthy, and social puppy. I was impressed With the care Tina, takes with all her dogs. They were happy,an very social. Not in cages. I would recommend Tina, to anyone looking for a new puppy. Happy Mom

cheryl bigelow

Zoey Rose

I absolutely adore my new puppy Caesar! Tina has raised him exceptionally well... He is beautiful, calm, happy and very clever we all love him. She provided food, bedding, answered all my questions promptly... I highly recommend anyone looking for a strong beautiful little furry family member to choose a tiny chi from Tina! Much love...

Lanita Moore

Satisfied client

Picked up our little guy on 4/19/2011. Tina was so very helpful with answering questions and getting us started. She truly has a houseful of love for her animals. Our little guy was right at home by the 2nd day and loves his little buddy Frisco. I highly reccomend Tina and would definately do business with her again. We named him Gunnar. Thanks Tina

Scott & Donna

Dog lover

I just picked up my new puppy today, I am so excited to have her at home... Twilight is such a sweetie, I got her from Tina and I am so pleased with Tina and how she loves and cares for her dogs. Tina has the best breed of beautiful Chihuhaua's they are very social and healthy.. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants a Chihuahua... I would definitely buy another one from her...... Thanks so much Tina, you have been a wonderful person to go through for my sweet little Twilight.. Chantel owner Of Twilight



I am soooooo Pleased with my puppy "Leo" all of my family and friends adore him here in Canada. I even get stalked in the malls because everyone wants to take pictures with my puppy.I am so pleased with Tina and can't thank her enough, she was extremely helpful and always sends pictures,videos and answers all questions and concerns. My puppy is extremely smart and uses the litter box as well as puppy pads! I take him everywhere and he is so friendly. Words cannot explain how thankful I am! I DEFINITELY recommend Tina! She is an excellent breeder! Thank you so much Tina

Susan Reyes

Satisfied to the Max!

My husband and I just picked up our new baby boy from Tina on wednesday 3/2/2011 we have named him Rodie . We are delighted to have him as part of our family.We were very inpressed with Tina's home and all the dogs that she has and she keeps everything so very clean that you wounld never know she had dogs in her home. Tina is the only breeder that i will ever buy from because they are loved and spoiled and litter box trained when you get them,how cool is that,These dogs live better than most people do.Tina is a delight to deal with she goes out of her way to make sure these dogs and customers are happy and is always there to answer any questions,she also sends you weekly pictures of your baby to from the time they are born. There'sno better place than Tina's Thank you Tina for our baby boy Rodie,OH FYI he is now the Mascot of my office. At Home Realty Group..Randy & Carol Anderson

Randy & Carol Anderson

Very Satisfield Customer

We purchased a puppy from Tina for my daughter in September. My daughter named her Lola and she is an absolute joy. Lola has a beautiful coat with amazing markings, she is intelligent, affectionate, adorable, playful and is devoted to my daughter. She pulls the comforter back at night when she sleeps with my daughter! She is my "grand-puppy"! My daughter is so happy with her and she is doing a wonderful job of raising her. Tina has been patient with our hundreds of questions and phone calls and has been so very helpful. We were amazed that Lola was already litter-trained when we picked her up!!! How great is that! The atmosphere at Tina's home is filled with the love, and gentle and kind spirit that she passes on to her family of dogs and to the people that she blesses with puppies. We are looking forward to adding another addition to our home in the near future from Tina!


Lola's Grammie!!!

My first visit with Tina was overwelming. At least a dozen little guys were running around all colors and sizes in a big room with all those cute little beds. All well behaved. They were Tina's dogs. Tina told me that she had 2 pregnant mothers, they were in a different room, the nursery, and each had her own facility. One little mother had a light colored and a black baby, I chose the black one. I visited every week to see her grow. Tina did not mind at all. I knew right away that Tina was the right breeder. Not looking out for the money. Right then I knew I would get a good puppy. I even came along on the first visit to the Vet for the first shots. When I got my little dog she was only 7 weeks old and 7 oz. but Tina trusted my ability to take her home so early and only because I am only about 5 miles from her home. Maya is now 5 months and 2 pound, and full of energy. Who ever thinks about it to have a little Chihuahua should get in touch with Tina.

Gudrun W. Gilbert




I am in love with my little girl Lola. She loves to cuddle and be around people. She was very well socialized and adjusted very well to our home. Tina was wonderful, she answered all of our questions and didn't mind us calling a million times in the few days after we got the puppy I left my bag of toys at the house and Tina mailed them to me immediately. Overall, I was very pleased with Tina and my little girl and would definately buy from her in the future!



We picked up our little Lulu 3 days ago we thought it would take awhile for her to adjust, but she acted like she has been here for a month already. She is so well socialized she immediately liked our 4 other dogs and couldn't be happier. Tina is really great about answering all your questions and concerns and keeps in touch to make sure your puppy is adjusting well. This was a great overall experience and I would definitely reccommend Lilys Chihuahuas to anyone wanting a chihuahua. Thank you Tina

Wendy and Gabby

Very satisfied

This is the second time I got a puppy from Tina, and for the second time I couldnt be happier! Neva is a beautiful little girl (i get compliments all the time) very well socialized, and gets along wonderfully with Brutis. If anyone asks me where to get a well socialized, healthy beautiful chihuahua my anwser to them would be " lily's Chihuahua's"

Jenna mommy of Brutis and Neva

Satisfied 2x buyer

I have been very happy with tina that i have returned two more times to get puppies from her they are my bundle of joy all three of them, which we have Bella my first dog , then we got sassy my second and now a third and his name is Rocky. They are everything you want them to be thank you Tina, we love are trio thanks again and more....


customer 3 times

Thanks to Tina for making my day and more since i lost my pup back in december and Bella my puppy has really made a joy in my life. Thank you for my little blessing she has made me feel special and loved again. If you want a good dog go to tina. THANK YOU


My precious Bella

I am in love with Chili :) I was a little nervous at first since he was already a year old, but he has an amazing personality. He is so adorable and friendly and he loves everyone. Thank you so much!


My boyfriend and I finally received our Pancho here in Bosnia and Hercegovina, after a long 3 month wait...We are absolutely in love with him and hes the cutest dog we have ever seen and having him around is just amazing. Hes actually pretty smart and doesn't know how to bark but i hope he will figure that out soon because right now he miouws more then he barks. :-)) Thanks Tina!!!!


finally in Europe!!

I am in love with my little guys Brutis and Marley!!! They are healthy, happy and well socialized. You can really tell that Tina care's about all the puppies and is not trying to just make a buck. She puts in extra love and attention to all the puppies and cares for their well being. I cant thank her enough and I also really liked that she remembered that I was going to do red for my two guys!!!! I couldnt ask for any better chihuahua then my two lil men :-)


Brutis and Marley

We absolutely are in love with our new puppy Roxie! She is very loving and happy. She has a wonderful personality!!!! We are very impressed with the quality of love and care of all of the pets at Lily's Chuhauhaus. Roxie is the center of our world!!!!

Noteboom Family

Excited Owners

My boyfriend and I would like to thank Tina for our little Pancho, even though we live in Europe, and are going to receive him in April, we are extremely excited because he seems like the cutest litte thing!! We just hope he doesnt get sick on the way over the big pond!! But he will not be traveling alone he will travel on the lap of my mom so he should do very well. hehe

ena and omar


We would like to thank Tina for our wonderful little guy. We have only had him a couple of days but we are already in love with him. We named him Toby and he is a very sweet dog.

gaff family

satisfied family

We absolutely love our new puppy! We decided to name him Casper, he has the sweetest dispostion. Everyone immediately falls in love with him when they meet him. He's the happiest little guy, we get a lot of laughs out of him :) -The Lehr family


I can't believe what a great dog Stella is! She is very well socialized, happy and healthy. Stella is a great representation of the chihuahua breed. I can't thank Tina enough for this pretty little girl.


Mary's Mini Chi's


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